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Data-driven insights

Want to learn which templates are most used? Whether users are publishing for digital or print? How much each user is spending on printed items? Which products are bought most often? PageEngine is backed by Microsoft Azure's cloud platform, so we can leverage insight from their best-in-class data explorer to help you make decisions based on data rather than hunches.

Who Edited What When

Who edited what, and when

Want to know who created that design? And when it was edited, and when it was published. As a PageEngine admin you can look at any file and see exactly a record of all opens, closes, and file conversions. Need more? Then download the file history for further investigation.

See PageEngine in action

A complete overview

As a PageEngine admin, you're in control. See all user created designs. Add your comments to the pasteboard, and make edits. Delete or move any designs you're unhappy with.

Complete Overview